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Backend and Frontend Web with Dart with Jermaine Oppong

Episode Summary

We talked about backend and frontend Dart with Web Developer and YouTuber Jermaine Oppong. Shelf, Alfred, Aqueduct, Angel, AngularDart, and more.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talked to Jermaine Oppong. Jermaine Oppong is a web developer, YouTuber, and blogger. Today we focused on Dart outside of Flutter, Dart on the backend and on the web.

Jermaine works on Creative Bracket. Creative Bracket is the go-to resource blog on Dart and Flutter with easy-to-understand written and video tutorials.

He’s got the greatest YouTube videos on Dart, and he’s got great videos on different Dart backend options, Aqueduct, shelf router, Angel, as well AngularDart, Firebase, AWS Amplify, Heroku, cloud functions, GraphQL, and of course Flutter.

We discussed how the Dart landscape looks like in 2021. We talked about different backend options for Dart, including Shelf, Shelf Router, Aqueduct, Angel, Alfred, and more. I also asked Jermaine whether he would use Flutter, AngularDart, OverReact, or a JavaScript framework for the web.

I've got to be honest, reading the different sunsetting, deprecation, roadmap updates was kind of a bummer, but wanted to talk about the topic regardless. Hope you enjoyed the episode anyway. The shelf and shelf router projects are great, and the Alfred project is also improving quickly.

Creative Bracket


Guest: Jermaine Oppong

Host: Vince Varga