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Dart on AWS Lambda and Serverless Computing with Sebastian Döll

Episode Summary

We talked to Sebastian Döll (GitHub Microsoft, previously Solutions Architect at AWS) about serverless computing, the state of serverless Dart, and how he implemented a custom AWS Lambda Runtime for Dart.

Episode Notes

In this episode of the Flutter 101 Podcast, I talked to Sebastian Döll.

Sebastian is a Senior Software Engineer living in Berlin. He currently works on GitHub at Microsoft. Previously, he worked as Solutions Architect at AWS. He created products at DigitalOcean, Axel Springer, Accenture, and IBM.

I found his article on the AWS Open Source Blog about a Dart Runtime for AWS Lambda:

Writing your functions in Dart enables you to use your skills to develop mobile applications to create serverless backends. You also can share code between your application and your backend, and use the power of a statically typed language.

Sebastian explained how he was able to support the Dart language via custom Lambda runtimes, and how we can create a Lambda function in Dart.

We also talked about several related topics, serverless compute, the serverless app framework, AOT vs JIT, cross-compilation (or lack thereof), alternative languages and serverless compute services, and how devs need to think about serverless architectures.


Guest: Sebastian Döll

Host: Vince Varga