Flutter 101 Podcast

Null Safety with Randal Schwartz

Episode Summary

We talked to Randal Schwartz, GDE for Flutter and Dart, about null safety in Dart and we received a couple of tips for migrating to null safety.

Episode Notes

My guest today is Randal Schwartz. He is a Google Developer Expert on Flutter and Dart. He is also very active in the Perl community and he wrote multiple books on Perl, he was the host of FLOSS weekly, a podcast about Free Libre Open Source Software.

In this episode, we focused on null safety with Dart. Dart 2.12 added support for null safety. When you opt into null safety, types in your code are non-nullable by default. This means that variables can't contain null unless you say they can. With null safety, your runtime null-dereference errors turn into edit-time analysis errors.

We also talked about migrating our existing code to null safety, and the migrations tools that can help us make the migration process as seamless as possible.


Guest: Randal Schwartz

Host: Vince Varga