Flutter 101 Podcast

RVMS architecture, get_it, commands, and more with Thomas Burkhart

Episode Summary

Thomas Burkhart is a GDE for Flutter and Dart. He's the author of popular packages, like get_it, and flutter_command. We talked about the RVMS architecture.

Episode Notes

Today, we talk to Thomas Burkhart. Thomas is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Flutter and Dart. He is the author of popular open-source packages, like the get_it service locator with over 1K likes on pub.dev, as well as flutter_command, rx_command, and functional_listener.

We discussed the RVMS architecture (reactive views, managers, services), a practical reactive architecture for Flutter Apps. We also talked about how Thomas' packages provide immense help to developers when implementing the RVMS architecture.

The get_it package is a simple service locator for Dart and Flutter projects.  flutter_command is a way to manage your state based on ValueListenable and the Command design pattern. The functional_listener package is a set of extension functions on ValueListenable that allows you to work with them almost as if they were synchronous streams. For more info, visit the packages, see the links below.

Guest: Thomas Burkhart

Host: Vince Varga