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Dart in the Cloud, Backend, Command Line, and Shelf with Kevin Moore

Episode Summary

Kevin Moore is a Product Manager at Google working on Dart and Flutter. Dart in the cloud, on the backend, and on the command line. Functions Framework for Dart, Google Cloud Run, Docker and Dart, Shelf, and many many other useful packages.

Episode Notes

My guest in this episode is Kevin Moore. Kevin is a Product Manager at Google working on Dart and Flutter.

In one of the last episodes of the Flutter 101 podcast, I talked to Ryan Knell, the author of the Alfred package. Kevin, who works as Product Manager at Google, listened to the episode. He then shared on Twitter, that he would love to come on and explain more about his thoughts on pkg:shelf and Dart on the server and CLI. Of course, I invited him immediately!

Most people know Dart as the language behind Flutter. Flutter code is powered by the world-class Dart platform, which enables compilation to 32-bit and 64-bit ARM machine code for iOS and Android, as well as JavaScript for the web and Intel x64 for desktop devices.

Dart is also used for tooling, as command-line apps, running web servers, and more. pub.dev is also running on Dart and it's serving millions! It's a great match as a backend language for teams and developers who already write Flutter. If your Flutter app needs a backend or you need to glue some services together, Dart is a great match.

We talked about how you can run Dart in the cloud today. You can use Cloud Run’s container support, combined with Dart’s Docker images, to run server-side Dart code.

We briefly talked about the Functions Framework that makes it easy to write Dart functions instead of server applications for handling web requests. Using the framework, you can create functions that handle HTTP requests and CloudEvents and deploy your Dart functions to Google Cloud.

Lastly, we also talked about command-line apps, and Kevin shared his tips on which packages can improve your development experience while writing and using Dart on the command line.

Guest: Kevin Moore

Host: Vince Varga

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