Flutter 101 Podcast

Dart Server Framework Alfred with Ryan Knell

Episode Summary

Ryan Knell is the author of the performant, Express.js-like Dart server framework Alfred. We talked about the state of full-stack Dart, ORMs, backend frameworks, Flutter, and many more!

Episode Notes

In this episode of the Flutter 101 Podcast, I talked to Ryan Knell. Ryan is the author of the performant, Express.js-like server framework Alfred written in Dart. We discussed how Ryan decided to write Alfred and his previous experience with alternative backend option for Dart, such as Aqueduct, Angel, and Shelf, and why he thinks Dart could be the Node.js "killer".

We talked about how you deploy Dart applications, how you can connect to different databases from your Dart backend server, and how Alfred supports websockets.

Of course, we also talked about Flutter and how it compares to other popular cross-platform solutions.



Guest: Ryan Knell

Host: Vince Varga